Intraday Trading Tips


Although intraday trading is grievous than investing in regular stock market, our ignited brains put in all their experience, knowledge, analytics and logistics to get best picks of the day. It’s vital to digest the fact that day trading may become injurious to one’s financial well-being if he dives in the ocean with inadequate knowledge and understanding of it.

There are various trading modes prevailing in stock market. Depending on the holding period of stocks, we have intraday trading mode and delivery trading mode. If the buying and selling of stocks takes place within the same trading day, it is termed as intraday trading whereas, if the trader fails to square off within a day, delivery comes into his bank account on the third day.

There are various strategies one should be well aware to fetch intraday profits like choosing 2-3 liquid shares, pre-determining entry and target prices, utilize stop loss feature for minimal impact of loss, book profit as the target is reached, never move against the market, etc… Stop loss is a trigger that sells the shares automatically if their price falls below a specified limit. The key matter for purchasing stocks in this category is to earn profit rather than investing. The fluctuations in the prices of the stock are harnessed to fetch maximum profit from them.

Almost all the services provided by us in equity and commodity market are intraday calls with an exception of stock cash delivery pack.

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