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Risks and losses are inevitable in day trading. To minimize these losses and risks, we have another option of holding the stocks. If the stocks are not sold, trader gets the delivery by the third day. Delivery service provides two options: BTST (buy today sell tomorrow) and STBT (sell today buy tomorrow).

This service is basically framed for the traders dealing in NSE and BSE stock cash. In the volatile market situations, stock delivery is one way to hedge the investments so that no single market fluctuation can ruin trader’s portfolio. We provide 15-20 recommendations per quarter via SMS and chat room services wherein we make sure that a high accuracy and consistency is maintained.

Investment Required: 2Lac

Mode of Recommendation: SMS / Phone / Android App / Messenger / Whatsapp

Stock Cash Delivery Features:

  • 1. 10-12 Calls in a Month.
  • 2. Calls With Buy in Range.
  • 3. Follow-up Messages of Profit Booking and Stop loss.
  • 4. Calls with Time Horizon of 2-7 Days.
  • 5. Profit & Loss Calculated on 5 LAC.
  • 6. At a Time Maximum 2 Calls open.
  • 7. Clients are Recommended to Trade on Margin Product.
  • 8. Daily Market News and Levels are provided.
  • 9 1:1 Target and Stop loss Ratio Maintained.
  • Demo Calls:

  • NSE Cash Privilege: BUY PTC AROUND 27-27.10 TARGET 27.50/ 28.00 STOPLOSS 26.60.
  • NSE Cash Privilege: BOOK PROFIT IN PTC BUY CALL. TG 1 @ 27.50 ACHIEVED (PROFIT RS.10000).
  • NSE Cash Privilege: BOOK FULL PROFIT IN PTC BUY CALL. TG 2 @ 28.00 ACHIEVED (PROFIT RS.20000).
  • Salient Features:

  • 1. Daily Track Sheet Records of Calls are Maintained on Website.
  • 2. No. Of Shares to Buy and Sell are Mentioned With the Call.
  • 3. Daily Call Summary Provided at the End of the Day.
  • 4. Daily & Weekly Equity Report via Email.
  • Trading Rules:

  • 1. Trade in each recommendation with Fixed Capital.
  • 2. Quantity to be traded: Capital per Trade/Price of Stock.
  • 3. Follow the recommendations as you receive.
  • 4. Always Follow Stop loss As Recommended in Call


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