MCX ENERGY HNI TIPS (Trade with High Confidence)

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Any nation can pace to progress only when it's pillars and the fuels are stable. The HNI service pack under energy is the one with which investors can trade over natural resources namely, natural gas and crude oil. Commodity market is completely based on future derivative i.e. trading in lots and contracts.

We reserve galore of time for the customers to take right decisions and fetch maximum profit of the market's graph. Customers are streamlined with latest amendments in market policies and trends.

Investment Required: 1 Lac and more

Mode of Recommendation: SMS / Phone / Android App / Messenger / Whatsapp

Energy HNI Features:

  • 1. Daily 1- 2 calls in CRUDEOIL and NATURAL GAS.
  • 2. Calls with proper levels, Buy Above and Sell Below Levels.
  • 3. Two TGT given per call with stop loss.
  • 4. Sufficient time to take entry.
  • 5. Proper Follow-up Message of Profit Booking and Stop loss on time
  • 6. Only Intraday Calls All Calls Closed before 11:30 PM.
  • 7. Each Trade Profit & Loss Calculated in 2 Lots.
  • 8. Minimum Capital Required Rs.1 Lac.
  • 9. Daily Market News and Levels Provided.
  • 10. NYMEX Crude and Natural gas News, Events, Levels, Inventory updates.
  • 11. Special Inventory Calls in Crude oil and Natural gas
  • Demo Calls:

  • MCX HNI Call: BUY CRUDE ABOVE: 3120 T1: 3150 T2: 3180 SL: 3090.
  • MCX HNI Call: BUY NATURAL GAS ABOVE: 218 T1: 223 T2: 226 SL: 214.
  • Salient Features:

  • 1. Daily Track Record of Call Maintained on Website.
  • 2. Daily Call Summary Provided at the End of the Day.
  • 3. Daily & Weekly Equity Report via Email.
  • 4. All Calls are intraday only.
  • 5. Dedicated Relationship Manager Appointed.
  • 6. Telephonic Support with SMS.
  • 7. Research Analyst Support till 11:30 Pm.
  • Trading Rules:

  • 1. Trade in each recommendation with Fix no. of Lots.
  • 2. Follow all the recommendations as you receive.
  • 3. Always Follow Stop loss As Recommended in Call.
  • 4. Place Stop loss and Target Bids after Taking Position.


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