The year 2018 hasn’t been a great year for all the market traders so far. Various political, economic, international and other domestic events have affected the growth of the capital in the share market in a negative way. Less than a half of the investors have booked profits while others suffered a loss, the investors created a chaos of selling the shares enormously, which leads to the dropping up of the both of the exchanges tally. The Indian share market has shown a disastrous drop lately, as Sensex and Nifty, both the exchanges stumble. A lot of investors are losing their invested money since then, an estimation of experts says it will last for a more than a couple of months.

How To Make Profits Even When The Stock Market Is Down?

Share market tips
Share market tips

We have heard the saying that “when there is a will, there is a way”. So, it is still possible that traders with great knowledge and great decision making can still make a good profit even when the market is down. Let’s see who have chances of making a profit and who could still make a profit, and avoid the extra levy of charges on your profits.

Investors who have invested a decent amount of money or huge money for Put Options have already earned an unexpectedly high profit. Due to the drop in prices, the premium rate has also affected in Options trading which results in a loss to the investors who invested in call options and fetched a good profit for those who invested in ‘put options’. Option Tips providers are suggesting their clients go for investing ‘in put’ options for a while.

Investors who have their stocks reserved in commodity market haven’t suffered a lot of loss as most of them prefer commodity dealing on delivery basis. And even intraday traders are making great profit with the research-based calls provided by intraday tips providers. Subscription for these tips services today has become a need of investors, as most of them have no idea what to do when the market is running down or during the time of inflation. These tips and calls from financial planners proving the investors worthy of their time and money. A lot of commodity investors are currently in a good position as the commodity market haven’t gotten down a lot and expected to be up again before the equity market and other segments.

New and regular investors can avoid extra levy of charges on long-term capital gains, by selling their capital at a certain time before it reaches the timeline given by the Ministry of Finance.

Consequently, any smart trader and investor can earn profits in either trend of markets. They just need to play smart with proper management strategies and guidance. Whether it comes from self-experience or through consulting an advisor. The market trading also gives the investment opportunities when the market is down, it’s up to the investor and his trading skills and knowledge that how does he make it count.

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