Indian share market exchanges hold an important spot not only India but Asian economy is also dependent on it. India is one of the fastest growing Asian economies, which is earning its place among top leaders. The BSE is the oldest stock exchange and NSE has emerged a vital place as most sophisticated and technically sound exchange. Exchanges are now going international and expanding their service areas, which is attracting more volume now. The Indian stock market is the world third largest stock market on the basis of investor base and has a combined pool of more than 20 million investors. However, the Indian exchanges are far away from the reach of the US and other major International exchanges.

How Is Indian Share Market Different From Other International Markets?

How Indian Share Market Is Different From Other International Markets
How Indian Share Market Is Different From Other International Markets

On the other hand, the US stock market is the largest stock market in the world with a massive 10 thousand companies listed and with a huge capital of US $ 20 Trillion. The US Stock market has 3 main exchanges.

New York Stock Exchange: The NYSE is at wall street and said to be the most advanced and famous stock exchange with more than 3000 companies listed. It provides a platform for buying and selling 9.3 million stocks and other securities a day.

American Stock Exchange: AMEX is the third largest stock exchange in the US in terms of trading volume. It manages the 10% of all the securities in the US. It is said that AMEX was established in the late 18th century and has a collaborative record of doing business with NYSE.

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations: NASDAQ is the largest exchange that deals with electronic-based trading. It involves more than 14% of the equities of the US during the daily trade. NASDAQ was founded in 1971 and provided quotes for Over-the-Counter stocks not listed on other markets. The NASDAQ exchange is said to be one of the major exchanges in the USA.

Tokyo Stock Exchange: The TSE is the third largest exchange in the world on the basis or trade per day. And currently, it is standing at number 1 in terms of aggregate market capitalization. The technology and various other products are shared by London Stock Exchange. Shares listed at TSE are categorized and the first section and a second section for large and small cap companies respectively.

London Stock Exchange: LSE is the largest stock exchange in Europe. Most of the trade is done through commodity in this exchange. Gold price in India is derived from LSE as the UK is the greatest market for gold. Indian trader often chooses MCX gold tips which are available with a bunch of other commodity tips depending on international market factors.

All these exchanges are far ahead of Indian exchange because they have adopted unique, innovative and sophisticated trading methods. The Indian community trader should learn from these exchanges to beat the international market competitors. The only way Indian financial market can be a step ahead of others.

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