Volatility exists where ever the assets are exchanged but governmental rules & regulations keep a tight check on the volatility and limit the upper/lower limits of price fluctuation.

As per SEBI rules, transaction can’t happen beyond a specific limit of price change in equity market., whereas BitCoin has no regulations to control the volatilities of the price. It can increase by 100% in a single day and can decrease by 50% another day. This makes it highly risky venture. An investor can make a lot of money and can also lose lots of money in other hands. The urge to quickly make money with less/no work is not appreciated at all. An investor should be determined to work through which he can get expected and deserved returns which can add values to its market capitalization.


Bitcoin is Not Eco-Friendly.

The energy consumption on the mining of bitcoin has already passed that of 159 nations, according to cryptocurrency analysis by various MCX free tips experts. This is equivalent to 0.13% of global consumption, it reported and added if miners were a country they would rank 61st. If consumption increased at this rate, Bitcoin mining is expected to use all worlds’ electricity by February 2020.

Bitcoin Mining needs an ample amount of super computational power and the computer whoever first discovers the solution of the puzzle gets 12.5 BitCoin. And this is how the transaction is added to block chain and that’s why it’s nearly impossible to change the blocks of transactions added to the chain.

Forever out of circulation.

Unlike banks, you can’t get your credentials back if lost, in case of Bitcoin. All of your bitcoins will go out of circulation forever if you die without exposing your private keys. Private keys are unique keys associated with all the participant of BitCoin transactions.

Bitcoin is a decentralized ledger, so there’s no way to recover it if you lost it; No one maintains the private keys of participants so it’s very important to keep a backup. You’ll not be able to use your bitcoins because all the transactions are digitally signed by your private keys if it will be lost. There are many bitcoins which are not in & will never come into circulation due to similar problems.

Many famous investors are not at all interested in the current BitCoin situation as per their financial planner who provides stock tips for tomorrow to choose better investment options than bitcoins. There are so many emerging cryptocurrencies in the market. Those competitors can be a huge lagging factor for bitcoin in future. Recently, BitTorrent inventor announces eco-friendly bitcoin competitor Chia. The Indian government is also having a thought to introduce its own digital currency. And many other countries are looking for their own digital currency. Even Federal Reserve made the statement to start their own digital currency but still, Indian Bitcoin buyers don’t seem to care.

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