All wealth building is exactly that, its ‘building’ not set and forgets. Equally, even with this transaction focus some property investors and stock tips researchers still undervalue what is involved in making sure you gain the best results from your property investing plan.

With buying property, the difference between a good outcome and bad outcome should be measured purely by profit, and this should be measured in short, medium and long-term goals against not only capital growth but overall property investment return

When buying property it is essential to think pragmatically with a plan, and to take out all emotional consideration.

When I bought a home for my family, there was emotion and personal interests involved, but when I buy property for my property investment clients as well as for myself, I never take one emotion into consideration, I take the approach we don’t live in our investment properties and will therefore focus on the bottom line and keep emotion out of it.

Building Wealth through Property Investing
Building Wealth through Property Investing

Let’s take for example a typical $500,000 purchase in a major capital city. Over the same period of time, in this instance 20 years, a 5% capital growth on the property would value the property at approximately $1,326,649. Whereas if you were to achieve an optimal capital growth returns of say 14%, over the same period of time, the property would be worth an estimated $6, 871,745.

Buying the right investment can mean a difference of millions over the long run, so when you’re looking to buy property, make sure you buy property using an expert property buyer such as a buyer’s agent.

Therefore given the substantial differences in this property investment returns it highlights the importance that investing in real estate with intraday tips experts for investment purposes requires the consideration of several vital property buying stages. These property buyer steps include:

  1. Compiling a real estate buying brief
  2. Conducting property market research
  3. Inspecting and selecting properties
  4. Performing property due diligence
  5. Negotiating on your property purchase
  6. Securing the property at the best possible terms and lowest price

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