Before going on to the importance of base metals and their key roles, we must be aware about what exactly base metals are? One must know which metals come into base metal class.

Those metals which are found in abundant in nature, get oxidized, tarnished or corroded easily when exposed to air or moisture are termed as base metals. These don’t have an alluring appearance and are non-lustrous and preferred to trade by stock future tips expert. They have wide commercial and industrial applications. Since base metals are more abundant in nature, they are cheaper as compared to precious metals. These form the base of any economy and are raw products to more than half of the industrial sector. Generally, base metals include aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc, etc.

Base metals and their role in commercial market
Base metals and their role in commercial market

Base metals are used as an economic indicator in the market place. Few individual applications to be quoted are:

  • Steel is used for construction of buildings and roads, automobiles, plants, factories, heavy equipments, utensils, infrastructure, tools, ships, machines, weapons, appliances, railways, stadiums, skyscrapers, bridges, airports, bolts, nails, screws, aerospace industry, mining, pipelines, washing machines, offshore construction, rolled homogenous armour, etc.
  • Copper is used for making wires, rotors, tubes, solar heaters, shipping industry, brakes, radiators, hydraulic equipments, railway electrification, gears, bearings, gaskets, joints, fittings, power distribution systems, power generating systems, pipes, construction projects, etc.
  • Zinc is used for producing batteries, making brass and bronze, fuel cells, die casting, galvanizing, machinery, light industry, shipbuilding, automobile construction, household electrical appliances, chemical industry, etc.
  • Aluminum is used for making cans, brakes, transportation construction, packaging, food and beverage container, transmission lines, house hold items like watches, baseball bats, utensils, etc and construction of windows, doors, roofing, sheathing, etc.
  • Lead is used for in batteries, cable sheaths, machinery manufacturing, ship building, light industry, radiation protection, telecommunication industry, metallurgy, railways, aviation, oil and petroleum industry, chemical industry, transportation construction, etc.


If investors wish to know where the global economy is pacing, they should keep a bull’s eye on the price and price fluctuations of base metals. Base metals are a pre cursor for signaling economic growth as per MCX tips. Basically, the price of base metals is governed by the supply is to the demand of products whose inputs are base metal ratio.

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